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Roll Recovery Kit

Roll Recovery Kit

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Embark on your post-festival journey with the Roll Recovery Kit, your essential three-pack supplement designed to rejuvenate and restore. After days of music, dancing, and excitement, your body needs a holistic revival. Our carefully curated kit is tailored to replenish vital nutrients, support neurotransmitters, and soothe your body, ensuring your afterglow is as memorable as the festival itself.

Pack one, "Pregame" primes your electrolyte balance with precision, thanks to its blend of minerals and Acetyl L-Carnitine. Pack two, "Partytime" harnesses the power of antioxidants and nootropics to aid in neurological recovery and mental clarity during your roll. Finally, pack three, "Afterglow" combines alpha lipoic acid,methylated B vitamins, and vitamin C to ease muscle tension and promote restful sleep.

Together, they work in concert to speed up your recovery time, eradicate the dreaded comedown, and prime you for the best afterglow of your life. The Roll Recovery Kit is your trusted companion in festival and rave self care.

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